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What Is The Boombod 14 Day Challenge?

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We’ve talked a lot about the Boombod 7 Day Challenge over the years and customers report awesome results with one box of Boombod BUT…what would happen if you had 7 EXTRA days of Boombod shots while eating healthy? Well let’s just say it’s a sure-fire way to maximize your Boombod results!

So what exactly is the 14 Day Challenge? We’re glad you asked! When you commit to the 14 Day Challenge, you’re committing to taking Boombod shots 3 times per day while following a healthy, high fiber diet and exercising as much as you can!

One common question we receive is “Do I HAVE to exercise?” and the answer is no! You don’t necessarily need to spend hours in the gym daily to see results. Loads of customers choose (or simply do not have the time) to workout while taking their Boombod and they still report amazing results, though we do recommend keeping your body moving daily to help further along your results.

Why should I take the 14 Day Challenge?

Why 14 days instead of 7 you ask? SO many reasons, but the most important one we find is that while 7 days is an AMAZING jump start to smashing those weight loss goals, lots of our customers find that they’re just getting into the swing of their new routine, seeing that progress and then OH NO - they’ve run out of Boombod! We want to see you keep that kick-ass momentum going and the 14 Day Challenge is the perfect option!


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If you’re like us, you want to know what we’re committing to before you commit! Not to worry, we’re here to share the details and show you just how EASY it is to crush your 14 Day Challenge. But first, let’s prep for success!

Preparing for your 14 Day Challenge

There are a few things you can do ahead of time to ensure you’re committing fully to your 14 Day Challenge and it’s as easy adding and subtracting!

Tell those junk foods to move out of your house!
We know, those sugar-filled and high calorie treats are SO delicious BUT it is called a 14 Day Challenge isn’t it 😘? For real though, this is the hardest part and it’s totally achievable! We promise that in cutting out those junk foods, you’ll feel so much better and energized too! Goodbye sugar crashes!

Prep your kitchen and cupboards in advance by going through them, removing those unhealthy treats and replacing them with healthier options that are readily available! Subtract the junk food, add easy to grab, healthy snacks! The trickiest part of eating healthy is not having it readily available. Be sure to have some individual packs of yogurt, cheese, veggie sticks, hummus, berries and nuts that you can grab and go when you’re in a pinch!

If you’re like us and need a little help with recipe ideas and meal plans, we’ve also got a SUPER helpful 7 Day Challenge Workout and Meal Plan PDF available to you! It’s filled with recipes for 7 full days of meals, PLUS 7 days of workouts too!


Junk Food - Banish Cravings With Boombod!


Water, water, water!
We cannot stress this one enough. Water is crucial for maximizing your results and is just super important in general! Having a full glass of water immediately after each shot drink is what activates the product, so it’s a MUST-HAVE in your fridge and on the go. Have some pre-filled bottles in your fridge, get a fancy new water bottle that makes you excited to keep hydrated, or if you’re not a huge fan of water, squeeze a little lemon juice or add fruit to infuse your water for some extra flavor!

Let’s Talk Shots!

You know you have to drink your shots 3 times a day, but let's dive into each of your sachets and the benefits they each provide throughout the day - aside from helping with that extra snacking we do between meals. Each sachet has been specifically formulated for the time of day you’re taking them - how amazing is that!

Rise and shine, squad! There’s no better feeling than waking up energized, right! Our Morning Energizer is super helpful in starting your day off on the right side of the bed. Your morning sachets help with that AM boost and contains important vitamins like Vitamin C, Iron and Magnesium! Take your Boombod shot 30 minutes before you eat your fiber rich breakfast; arguably the most important meal of your day!

We don’t know about you, but here at Boombod HQ we DESPISE that afternoon sluggishness that can hit you like a ton of bricks. Time to say goodbye to the afternoon slump and hello to your friends, Zinc and Vitamins B12, B6 and B1! We also can’t forget that those dreaded snack cravings peak in the afternoon too, which is why your Afternoon Motivator is SO important. Say goodbye to feeling ‘snacky”!

Last but DEFINITELY not least, it’s time for your Night Rejuvenator! We hear the term “beauty sleep” a lot, but did you know it’s actually true?! Your skin NEEDS that rest to heal from the damage of the day and our Night Rejuvenator is the perfect addition to help your skin and hair recover. Biotin, Selenium, Vitamin D3 are all found in your nighttime sachets which contribute to the maintenance of normal skin and hair. Time to take beauty sleep to a whole new level!


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You’ve been fully acquainted with your Morning, Afternoon and Evening sachets, your kitchen is prepped, and you’ve just received your Boombod parcel in the mail - WOOHOO! We know you’re eager to get started with your Boombod shots ASAP so let’s learn how to make them! Boomsquad, we promise you it’s SO easy! Check out our How To Make video and you’ll be a master of mixing your Shot Drinks in no time.

That’s it! Take each sachet 30 minutes before each of your meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner and don’t forget to drink a full glass of water right after each shot to activate your product. If you follow this routine, keep up a healthy and fiber-rich diet and keep your body moving each day, you’re going to be SMASHING those goals you’ve set for yourself in no time!

We’re challenging YOU to complete the 14 Days for yourself. Give it a go, thank us later, you’re going to totally CRUSH IT! Be sure to take your before and after photos throughout your 14 Day Challenge, and share your journey with us. Oh yeah! We also JUST dropped our prices so it’s the perfect time to get started too!


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