5 Amazing Exercises for Weight Loss

5 Amazing Exercises for Weight Loss

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If weight loss is your goal and you’re ready to incorporate some workouts into your Boombod Challenge, we’re SO here for it! It’s important to keep your body moving daily, for both your physical health and mental health. BUT if you’ve clicked on this blog, we know you’ve got specific weight loss goals in mind and we’re excited to share these FIVE killer exercises for weight loss with you – to add into your routine!

Before we get into it, let’s sort out what type of exercise is best for weight loss. You might be surprised to know - it’s not JUST cardio! Having a good combination of both cardio AND strength training is key when it comes to exercising for weight loss and here’s why:

While cardio exercise burns more calories during your workout than strength exercises –   strength-training helps your metabolism to stay boosted for a longer period of time after your workout is finished and while you’re resting - how sweet is that! Building muscle helps burn fat so both in combination, makes for a great overall weight loss exercise plan!


So, now that you know a good mix of cardio and strength training is where it’s at, let’s get into those exercises shall we! Here are five exercises that are AMAZING for weight loss.


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1. Walk, jog or run!

Yes, it can be THAT easy! Walking is an accessible and low-impact cardio exercise that is great for everyone! But don’t be mistaken - if you’re thinking a casual evening stroll is enough to burn those calories, that’s not exactly what we’re recommending.


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In order to reach the fat burning cardio level, keeping your walk at a brisk pace is necessary. Raise that heart rate to an aerobic zone! Take 30 minutes for a fast-paced walk around your neighbourhood, nearby trail or hop on a treadmill. If you decide to use a treadmill, don’t shy away from adding incline!
Another sweet benefit of walking is that you can always level-up! If you’re finding that a brisk walk isn’t raising your heart rate enough, try increasing your speed to a jog or run for part of your 30 minutes of movement!


2. Stairs are your new Bestie!

Chances are that you have access to stairs in your home, neighbourhood or a local park! You may even have access to a stair climber with your local gym membership. No matter what stairs you have available to you, this is an AMAZING and readily available cardio exercise tool!


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Start by walking up and down your set of stairs (or using a stair climber) for 10 minutes and see how you feel. If during this time you have more room to increase that heart rate to an aerobic zone, try increasing your pace and intensity. Work your way up to a consistent 20-30 minutes of stair climbing per session!


3. Jump Rope

We’re bringing it back to the school gym days and double-dutch memories you may have had growing up! Jump rope is an excellent cardio exercise that can also help to strengthen your heart, legs and increase bone density! It’s also a lower impact alternative to running - this might just be the alternative you were looking for!


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No need to get fancy here, you can find jump ropes at a reasonable price, and it can be done anywhere! Start out with intervals of 30 seconds of jumping and 30 seconds of rest. Slowly work your way up to jumping for one minute, with 30 seconds off.
You can also add jump rope into a HIIT workout that includes strength training! Start with jump rope, and add in strength exercises in between jump intervals.


4. Squats

Squats all day babe - we LOVE this exercise at Boombod HQ because they’re so versatile. Squats can help with weight loss or help you to run faster or tone up. It all depends on how you squat! Since weight loss is the goal, let’s focus on that for now!
Squats for weight loss should include high reps and add some weight as well. Use a dumbbell, kettlebell, or whatever you can find in your home to add some extra weight to your squat reps.


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How to squat: Stand with legs hip or shoulder-width apart and toes slightly turned out. Look straight ahead, pull your shoulders down and engage that core! Shift your weight to your heels so that you can wiggle your toes. As you bend your knees to squat, keep your chest upright and try to keep your knees in line with your feet without your knees going over your toes. Push through your heels to come back to standing.


5. Plank

You can’t go wrong with a plank! While the plank is an exercise targeted to your core, this killer exercise works so many additional muscles which is why it’s made our list! It’s SO important to make sure you are doing this exercise properly to avoid injury and to make the most of it. Let’s break it down!


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How to plank: kneel on your yoga mat and lean forward to place your elbows onto the mat. Keeping your legs hip-width apart, step your legs (one at a time) back to extend fully. You should now have your feet and elbows/forearms touching the mat, and your body in the air. Keep your bum, back and neck flat and in-line with each other to form a straight line, so you are parallel to the floor.
There you have it, squad! We hope you found a couple of extra exercises to add into your rotation! It’s easy to stick with what you know, but variation in your exercise routine is incredibly beneficial and allows you to work muscles in a way you may not have before!
If you want even more FREE workouts and exercises, check out our WORKOUTS section of the Boomblog HERE! PLUS we have a lot more where this came from in our full 7 Day Challenge Workout and Meal Plan PDF!


*Prior to participating in vigorous exercise, speak with your GP or a medical professional if you have concerns or a medical condition.


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