Top 4 Boombod Bundles

Top 4 Boombod Bundles

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Well, we’re just a few months into the new year and if you’re anything like the team here at HQ - you’re looking for something that’s going to help keep those new year's weight loss resolutions going strong. That’s where Boombod bundles come in - with THE BEST way to make the most of your weight loss journey. WHY? Because you’re getting all of the benefits that Boombod products offer at the same time, with a discounted price! We’ve gone ahead and broken down our top 4 bundles, to help you choose the right one for you! SO let’s get into it👇

Best Seller Bundle

Boombod Best Seller Bundle
Looking for something that’s tried, true & loved by loads of customers?  
This bundle consists of Boombod’s best selling products: 


So…what do these two products even do? WELL, Boombod Original Shot Drink Sensation contains a clinically proven weight loss ingredient called Glucomannan! This special ingredient helps you to feel fuller for longer, allowing you to eat less. Each shot was designed to also reduce bloating & banish naughty cravings - talk about a win win! AND  Boombod Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are definitely your secret weapon when it comes to Reducing Appetite & Supporting Weight Management 💪. Both products can be taken at the same time, to maximize results! This bundle is a total game changer & is on for 25% OFF!


Starter - Kit Bundle

Boombod starter Kit 

Next up is the Starter Kit Bundle, perfect for new customers wondering where to get started with Boombod! This bundle was designed for YOU! Customers love taking the Boombod 7 Day Challenge & with this bundle they get the full package to support ultimate new bod goals!  

This bundle consists of:
Boombod Blackcurrant 7 Day Achiever
Boombod Shaker Bottle (has an awesome compartment to store supplements when you’re on the go or headed to the gym)
Boombod Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies
BONUS: to help you totally maximize your weight loss goals, you’ll receive a FREE 7 Day Challenge Workout & Meal Plan!

It’s time to kick start your weight loss goals and get started ASAP. Save 25% OFF today!


Variety Bundle

Boombod Variety Bundle

YASS who doesn’t love to spice things up! If you like trying new things and are often getting “one of each” when you shop (we see you LOL 👀) - you have to give this combo a go! Each bundle comes with a box of every flavor of the Boombod Weight Loss Shot Drink 7 Day Achiever! See how the Boombod Weight Loss Shot Drinks work by watching → this video!

This bundle contains:
1 x Boombod Blackcurrant 7 Day Achiever
1 x Boombod Orange Mango 7 Day Achiever
Boombod Shaker Bottle

Right now this bundle is on BOGO FREE (Buy One Get One FREE) so if you’ve got some serious weight loss goals - don’t miss out on these savings!


Mega Bundle


Boombod Mega Bundle

OK…are you ready? This is the biggest bundle made for those who are looking for a TOTAL BOD TRANSFORMATION!

This massive bundle consists of:
1 x Boombod Blackcurrant 7 Day Achiever
1 x Boombod Black Cherry 7 Day Achiever
1 x Boombod Orange Mango 7 Day Achiever
Boombod Gym Towel
Boombod Shaker Bottle
7 Day Challenge Workout & Meal Plan
Boombod's DELICIOUS Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

What a bundle! This 21 day supply of tasty shots, 60 day supply of ACV Gummies has everything you need to crush your weight loss goals! Get yours today with savings of 30% OFF!  You may be wondering what’s the difference between Boombod for Men & Original Boombod so we’ll break it down for you! Firstly, men and women can take all flavors of Boombod - women LOVE the taste & results from the Black Cherry for Men flavor. The difference is the Men’s Black Cherry contains extra Vitamin D3, which helps to aid in natural muscle function. Women are totally able to drink it as well, and it tastes delicious! 

Ok Boomsquad - now that you’ve gotten the FULL run down on our fav bundles, it’s time to kick your weight loss goals into HIGH GEAR & get started. Summer months & warm holidays will be here before we know it so come on...what are you waiting for? It’s time to say goodbye to cravings + extra LBS and HELLO to the new BOD!



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