Welcome to the BOOMBLOG!

Welcome to the BOOMBLOG!

Posted by Danielle on

We have some exciting news to share...OUR NEW BOOMBLOG IS LIVE!  There’s so much more to your weight loss journey than simply incorporating BOOMBOD into your daily routine.  AND, we want to make sure you have all the tools you need to eat well, stay fit and enjoy life as part of your weight loss journey.     

It’s never easy to start a new adventure but we will be here with you along the way! While we will be sharing some recipes and suggestions for living a healthy and active lifestyle, it’s important to remember these TOP TIPS when taking your Boombod Weight Loss Shot Drinks!


We believe in living a healthy, well rounded and active lifestyle. Fad diets come and go, and if followed can work BUT... let's be honest who really sticks to them! During your Boombod program, try your best to eat healthy meals, that you enjoy each day. It is only for 7 Days at a time, so you have no excuses.


Make your BOOMBOD week your most productive week of this year. Get things done, be organised, get more sleep, walk when you can, commit to a gym session with a friend and go to an exercise class you’ve never tried.


Taking a photo of yourself the night before starting BOOMBOD is a great place to begin. This will help fuel your motivation and track progress. We LOVE hearing about our customers Boombod journey and seeing their amazing results💥

We receive so many questions and feedback from the BOOMSQUAD each day, and we LOVE responding to each and every question we get! SO… GET IN TOUCH WITH US via email, social media or in the comments section below👇

We’re looking forward to sharing more tips and tricks with you, and answering your burning questions! To help celebrate the launch of our BOOMBLOG we’re offering A FREE BOOMBODDLE with any 28 Day Achiever bundles! Keep checking with us, and keep an eye on your inbox from when new blogs are released - stay on track with the BOOMSQUAD!

Get stared with your weightloss journey, and check out our 28 Day Achiever bundles now! What are you waiting for start your #BOOMBOD7DAYCHALLENGE today!


  • You are in luck Latoya and Tia!! We have so many blogs to choose from that will give you both tips and tricks, as well as meal ideas and delicious recipes! Our favorites is the “What is the 7 Day Boombod Challenge?” which you can find here https://boombod.com/blogs/boomblog/what-is-the-boombod-7-day-challenge 💪 Give them all a read, and be sure to keep us updated on your progress 💖

    Sarah (Boombod Customer Experience) on

  • Hi Terry!! Not to worry, women can absolutely drink the Men’s Black Cherry! The difference in the Men’s flavor compared to the other flavors is that it contains Vitamin D3, which helps to aid in natural muscle function. Women are totally able to drink it as well (and are LOVING it), and it tastes delicious! ❤️

    Sarah (Boombod Customer Experience) on

  • Hello, this isn’t a comment but a question. I just received my order and I mistakenly purchased the Black Cherry flavor. Which I now realize is for men. Can I still use it, as i’m a woman, or I should I not use it? Please advise. Thank you.

    Terry on

  • I am super excited to start this journey. I will get mines tomorrow and will be starting Sunday. I want to start the week off correct
    What are some suggestions on meals?

    LaToya on

  • I’m new to the group, looking to get advice and good ideals

    Tia Phillips on

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