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Morning WAKE-UP Workout Challenge

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We’ve all heard the saying, “the early bird catches the worm.” Yet, despite knowing its SOO good for us to get up at the crack of dawn and get our ass in gear, we don’t always make the best use of this time. Studies have shown there are SO MANY benefits to exercising in the morning. It helps you to establish a routine but can also contribute to having more energy later in the day, not to mention you’re starting the day with a stress buster🧘‍♀️

Weight Loss Workout Challenge

Today, we’re challenging the BOOMSQUAD to a WAKE-UP WORKOUT CHALLENGE! Don’t worry, you don’t need to go all the way to the gym to get your blood pumping in the morning (unless you want to!). This series of exercises can be done at home with a yoga mat or on a carpet!

Now, get yourself some water because we are gonna S-W-E-A-T! This quick morning workout is only about 10 minutes long so you’ll be ready for your morning energizer and breakfast in no time.

We’re going to run through this sequence 3 times, so let’s get started!


Boombod - Quick 10 Minute Morning Workout


Ready, Set, Go!


Start off by jogging in place for one minute, get those knees up... 

Jog In Place

Boombod - Jog In Place Graphic

Let’s take it up a notch, JUMP SQUAT for 30 seconds - if your legs are burning, KEEP GOING!

Jump Squat

Boombod: Jump Squat Graphic

Transition into jumping jacks for 30 seconds - 1...2...3…

Jumping Jacks

Boombod - Jumping Jacks Graphic

Ribbit ribbit, time for froggy crunches or if you crunches...just get to CRUNCHIN!

Mini/Froggy Crunches

Boombod: Mini/Froggy Crunch Graphics

Push up time baby, hit the floor and get your push-ups in for 30 seconds, don’t slow down now!

Push-Up Time

Boombod - Push Up Graphic

YOU MADE IT! for 1:00 minute, we’ve got two more rounds to go!

OK, work through round two and three! You’re almost there.

PHEW! Now that wasn’t so bad was it? Don’t let the craziness of the day get the best of you. Stick to this Morning WAKE-UP Workout before your Boombod Shot and you’ll be seeing results in no time*. Share your quick morning workout routine with us below 👇


  • You guys are all SERIOUSLY going to crush this!! So much determination – we LOVE it! Make sure to keep us updated on your progress, and let us know what you think of the workouts!! 💪🏋️‍♀️

    Sarah (Boombod Customer Experience) on

  • Cant wait to get started I heard about this and I have told all my friends about this site :)

    Jessica on

  • I just received my order can’t wait to start

    Natalie colon on

  • I will be starting this For Sure.

    Boomie on

  • Im so down for the challenge im gonna get started 1st thing when i wake up im so excited im from The Bahamas #242🙌🙌🎆🎊🎉 ive already ordered my BOOMBAD and cant wait for it to get here through my courier yaaay!!!

    Shanae Munnings on

  • I’ll try this thanks

    Carla E Palmer on

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