Measuring Weight Loss Without The Scale

Measuring Weight Loss Without The Scale

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It’s no secret that here at Boombod HQ we’re all about maintaining a healthy weight. Yes, we primarily talk about weight loss (as it’s our specialty) or how to maintain a healthy weight BUT the principles shared in this blog apply to those who are trying to gain weight too or working on changing their physique! When we think about weight loss and how to measure it, the easiest way to quantify it is the scale right? Perhaps, but that is not the only one way to measure your weight loss. That’s why we’re sharing 5 practical ways to track your weight WITHOUT the dreaded scale 👇

We’ve all seen the images floating around online showing what 5lbs of fat actually looks like, compared to 5lbs of muscle. There’s a big difference in size between the two.

Boombod Weight Loss

The number on the scale isn’t everything and it’s SUPER personal! We all have a tendency, especially if checking frequently, to immediately feel down if we don’t see the scale moving. This does NOT mean that progress isn’t being made, there are loads of factors that contribute to a fluctuation in weight and our weight can change by the hour! Yes, by the HOUR!

Now, many would argue that checking your weight everyday is overkill BUT it’s all about preference, if that’s what you want to do, do you! Our point is that there are loads of ways to see the progress you’re making.

Boombod Weight Loss

How do your clothes fit? This is a big one. We’ve all been stuck inside whether working from home, taking care of family or studying SO if you’ve chosen to wear mostly sweats and yoga pants - we find throwing on a pair of jeans here and there helps to keep us in check. You may find they are looser (or tighter) depending on your goals! If so, this is a HUGE win!

How do you feel? Are you feeling bloated or tight and toned? Paying attention to how your body actually FEELS is another great way to gauge how you’re making out on your weight loss journey. Have you become more flexible? Are you less out of breath when you decide to go for a jog or do an exercise routine? Do you feel stronger/how has your endurance changed? These are some questions to ask yourself along the way.

Have you lost any inches? Tracking your progress using a flexible measuring tape is an amazing way to see how you’re progressing. It’s possible even though the scale hasn’t budged, you’ve still lost inches off your waist, hips, thighs and glute area! You can pick up a flexible measuring tape from dollar stores, sewing shops or from many online retailers. You can start by keeping a log of your measurements from week to week and document any changes there!

Have other people noticed? This doesn’t mean that their opinion of your body matters, you should love your body and let go of what others think BUT, sometimes, because we look at ourselves in the mirror almost every day we don’t notice small changes about our bodies. Sometimes other people start to notice our weight loss before we do!

Boombod Weight Loss

Have YOU noticed a change in your body composition? Taking a photo of your waist, face and body before you embark on your weight loss journey can do wonders! The changes might be small at first BUT loads of customers taking their Boombod shots start to notice changes such as reduced bloating, appearance of abdominal muscles and slimming all over.

PLUS we’re always looking to share photos of real customers and their progress, so taking these photos before hand can really put your transformation into perspective!

At the end of the day, maintaining a healthy weight is most importantly about how YOU feel. Pay attention to your body and how it responds to exercise, your diet and monitor your energy levels. Staying motivated along your journey can be tough, so choosing a weight management program such as Boombod can be just the boost you need! Get started today and take the Boombod 7 Day Challenge, the Boomblog is loaded with motivation, so check back when you need that extra push - we’re here to help 🙌


  • That’s AMAZING LaQuisha!! We’re so happy to hear that you are loving your results!! Have you taken any results photos? We would love to see your progress! You can send them do us via DM on our Facebook or Instagram!

    Looking forward to hearing from you! 😻

    Sarah (Boombod Customer Experience) on

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    Bianca on

  • I lost 4 pounds using the 7 day achiever. I can tell a huge difference in my appetite. The foods/sweets I craved before, I didn’t crave while taking the Boom Bid shots. Can’t wait to start my second box. Thanks BOOM BOD!!!

    LaQuisha on

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