How To Avoid Holiday Snacking - Kick Your Cravings

How To Avoid Holiday Snacking - Kick Your Cravings

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If there’s one time of year that everyone gets caught up in’s the holidays! Not only are boxes of chocolate and shortbread cookies available on every surface in your home’s the same scenario at work AND at all of your friend's houses.

The holidays are for spending quality time with loved ones, relaxing and reflecting and of course...eating together and eating A LOT of big, delicious, rich meals as a family. Here at HQ we are ALL FOR the family time and the food BUT...there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind for when you’re wanting to keep your weight in check and not feel like you need to work twice as hard at your upcoming new year's resolution of eating better, or losing weight. YOU have what it takes to make these changes and get ahead of the game, so let’s do it together!

You Can’t Eat It All

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First and foremost, it’s okay to say “no” to food being offered to you over the holidays. How many times have you been at a party and someone offers you a three cheese mini quiche and you took it because you felt bad? We’ve ALL been there. What’s important is really thinking about whether you’re eating it for you and to fuel your body or if you’re just taking it to be polite. If it’s the latter...just say no next time! You’ll feel better about it afterwards.

Holiday Snacking 101

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One of our FAV tips is to BYOS (bring your own snacks!) This is a failsafe way to make sure the treats you enjoy are available to you but it also gives you the opportunity to share your healthy treats with others and swap recipes! If you’re not into making elaborate snacks to take with you, plan ahead to take a Boombod shot and eat a small healthy meal before you go! You’ll be less likely to over eat if you’re already feeling full! You know what they say...never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, the same principle applies here!  

Avoid Mindless Eating

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Stay active and keep your hands busy! The holidays also have a tendency to bring up a lot of emotions, whether happy or sad and this can lead to filling our time with food (that’s why it’s called comfort food 😏). Perhaps we feel less stressed because we have more time on our hands, or we aren’t keeping busy with work and feel bored, making snacking on chocolate m&ms much much easier. Take a few minutes to scroll through Pinterest and pick an amazing craft or new holiday tradition to do with your family - everyone will have a blast doing an activity together and it’ll leave less idle time for mindless eating! 

Help Reduce Cravings

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Don’t forget, a huge part of the holidays is making sure you ENJOY yourself. And this means enjoying your comfort food too, but in moderation! Tons of customers find using Boombod over the holidays is a great way to maintain their weight and keep some of the snacking to a minimum. There’s still time for you to battle the bloating with Boombod! Check out our brand new Holiday Cravings Kicker Bundle, it’s got everything you need to stay on track this holiday season without feeling guilty 🙌

Thousands of celebrities and real customers all over the world are using Boombod to help kick those holiday cravings -- Join them now!

Happy Holidays Boomsquad🎁

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