Boombod Weight Loss Shot Drink: The Real Review

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Pre-purchase Jitters:

Picture this: You’re scrolling through your phone, and you come across an Instagram page for a new face wash you’ve never used before. You’re intrigued, and in the market for a new face wash anyways. It’s perfect, right?! But wait.. you’ve never used this before.. what if it’s not what you expect? How can you know? There’s only one way to find out - checking the online reviews! 

We totally get it - buying a new product can be daunting - especially when it comes to health products and supplements - there is so much to choose from! You want to know what other people think, how it’s worked for them, and if they saw results. There’s something so organic and comforting about being able to read about someone else’s personal experience, and even though you don’t know them, you lay your trust in them. We get asked all the time if we have any real customer reviews and results photos. The answer? Boombod has over 2,000 REAL CUSTOMER reviews!

Boombod Reviews

5 Star Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Our reviews are a BIG part of the Boombod journey. They let you know exactly how Boombod works, tastes and how real customers feel about their experience! 

AND We thought there was no better way to show our appreciation for the Boomsquad than to share some of our amazing customer reviews with you. Check them out, and don’t forget to share your own experiences with us, too! ⬇

JENNA’S 14 Day Achiever Review: “This stuff really works!” 

Boombod Reviews

Boombod Reviews

A struggle we know SO many women face all the time! Jenna has been CRUSHING it, all while raising three kids! Sometimes, we just need that little push 💪

JAKKI: “Can’t RATE Boombod Enough!!!!!!!!!”

Boombod Reviews

OK, this seriously spoke to us! Quarantine has been TOUGH, and trying to lose weight while being stuck home all day is even tougher. You’re killing the game, Jakki!! 😍

KELLY: “Boombod will blow your mind & weight!”

Boombod Reviews

Boombod Reviews

Kelly, GIRL.. you are smashing your goals!! Your journey is definitely not over yet, and we can’t wait to see your next progress update! 


Boombod Reviews

Being a business is about more than having a great product, it’s also about having a great team and LOVING your customers. We absolutely love making the Boomsquad happy!!

KIRSTIE: “I Started my Boombod journey this week…”

Boombod Reviews

But really though, who doesn’t love a snack 🙋 it can be so hard to stay on track and avoid the junk food and sweets, but it’s TOTALLY worth the hard work! You slayed it, Kirstie! 👊

Whether it’s on FacebookTrustPilotInstagram or our website - we take serious pride in our review base, and we LOVE hearing about your experiences! 

Looking for more inspo? Head to the Results & Reviews page and join the hundreds of thousands of people loving their Boombod Weight Loss Shot Drink! Then, once you’ve SMASHED your Boombod journey, leave your own reviews and share your Boombod Results to inspire someone else in the same way! 

7 Day Achiever Boombod



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