Angelica’s 28 Day Achiever Boombod Review

Angelica’s 28 Day Achiever Boombod Review

Posted by Natalie on read that right! Angelica tried the Boombod 28 Day Achiever and let’s just say, this is the ULTIMATE deep dive into a Real Customer’s experience taking Boombod! Angelica started with 4 boxes worth (one of each flavour) and is sharing her full experience and journey along the way! It takes real commitment to stick with a challenge, no matter how easy the program is to follow! So buckle up, this is a review you DO NOT want to miss 👇

Why Angelica Got Started With Boombod

Boombod Weight Loss Shot Drink 

“I started this weight loss journey because I had just given birth to my second (and last) child. I wanted to feel confident in my own body and Boombod is an amazing way to lose weight, especially for super busy moms like myself.”

“I exercise probably 2-3 times a week, but not as much as I’d like. What keeps me motivated are my two daughters. I want them to have a healthy mother who is able to be there through it all.” Watch to hear what else she had to say 📹


The Boombod 28 Day Achiever Breakdown 

“First 7 Day Achiever: I noticed I was getting full extremely fast. I was eating and craving less. I see a difference. Less bloating! Boombod is insane!”

“Second 7 Day Achiever: I began to have much more energy.”

“Third 7 Day Achiever: I was worried that I could never get rid of the bloated tummy because I was only two months postpartum from a c section and my system had been all messed up. With Boombod my bloating started to actually go down and I couldn’t have been any happier.”

“Fourth 7 Day Achiever: I had lost 10lbs with no bloating, no cravings and an increase in energy!”

Boombod Results

“My favorite flavor is definitely blackcurrant. Boombod definitely works. I cannot be happier! I’m a mom of two who recently gave birth and my bloating has gone down, I’ve lost 10lbs and I have more energy for both my babies. Thank you so much Boombod! I’ve been searching for a weight loss program and this is the only thing that has worked.”

Angelica’s Mouthwatering Meals

We asked what a typical day of meals for Angelica was like and UM...can we come over for dinner 😍 These meals are nothing short of AMAZING so if you’re in search of some tasty ideas, look no further!

Breakfast - French Omelette
Cheddar cheese
Bacon bits


Boombod Diet


Lunch -  Buffalo Chicken Salad
Grilled chicken
Buffalo sauce
Sliced boiled eggs


Boombod Diet


Dinner - Chicken & Vegetables
Pan seared chicken - stuffed with shallots, garlic, jalapeno, mushrooms, bacon, cream cheese, chipotle cheddar
Bacon wrapped asparagus
Topped with avocado


How Angelica Maximized Her Boombod Results With Exercise

Being a busy mom of two, Angelica is SUPER busy (who can relate!?🙋‍♀️). It’s tough to stay on track, especially with everything that’s going on in the world today! You read above that Angelica isn’t getting as much exercise as she’d like, definitely something that speaks true with most of us! Adding in as much exercise as you can while following your Boombod program DEF helps to maximize your Boombod results! Whatever she’s doing is WORKING for her, SO we had to ask what her typical workout routine was! She shared with us the below and OK OK...get ready to SWEAT when you give this workout a go yourself 💦

Exercise routine 2-3 times a week:
25 squats
1 min plank
1 min walk sits
30 leg lifts
30 mountain climbers
25 crunches


This is a routine we can definitely get behind! Got a fav workout of your own? Share it with us in the comments section below! Angelica’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. It’s amazing to see her Boombod 28 Day Achiever results and journey! Are you ready to kick start your weight loss journey and get back on track? Join Angelica and the hundreds of thousands of people loving their Boombod and get started by choosing your 7, 14 or 28 day program now!


​*The views expressed above are the opinion of Boombod Customers, and paid brand collaborator partnerships with Boombod. Boombod does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. *Results may vary person to person

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  • Wow! So happy for her I recently just started BoomBod and just had a baby (my first) six months(c section) so I am super ecstatic to see the results! This is Day 2 !

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